The Book Your Dog Wishes You Would Read


We’d all love to know what our dog is thinking – if only it could tell us when it’s in pain, when it’s stressed, whether it’s fine being left alone for half a day or whether that makes it sad. Does it enjoy one particular walk more than another? Does it like what you feed it? Why does it chew the sofa when we go out? Why does it bark at joggers but not cyclists? Why does it howl at night? And will it ever stop chasing next door’s cat? The truth is that your dog is communicating with you all the time, but unless you know the signs, you aren’t picking up on what your dog wants you to know. Louise Glazebrook is a dog trainer, behaviourist, and television presenter, who specialises in teaching people how to understand and connect with their dogs. Most dog trainers focus on the dog, but Louise focuses on you, giving you the skills and confidence to interpret your dog’s needs and behaviour.

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