Cormorant launch with Elizabeth Parker and Robert Walton

Fri 17th May 7-9pm

Elizabeth Parker was born in London and grew up in Pygmy Pinetum Garden Nurseries, a garden centre in The Forest of Dean. She attended Monmouth Comprehensive School in Wales and school trips to Ty Newydd writing centre nurtured her passion for creative writing. She achieved First Class Honours in English and Creative Writing at Warwick University, under the inspiring tutelage of David Morley, Maureen Freeley and Peter Blegvad. She has an MA in Mythology from Bristol University. She lives in Bristol with her partner and two sons.

Elizabeth was a secondary school English teacher for eight years and is writing two novels based on her experiences teaching Shakespeare to teenagers. Elizabeth’s poetry has been published in various journals and has won and been shortlisted for a range of prizes. Following her 2016 pamphlet, Antinopolis (published by Eyewear), Elizabeth’s first full collection, In Her Shambles, was published by Seren Books in April 2018 and her second collection, Cormorant, was published by Seren this February.

Elizabeth is a founding member of Bristol poetry quartet The Spoke, who perform their work at festivals and events. She is also co-host of monthly Bristol poetry event Under The Red Guitar. Elizabeth is currently experimenting with poetic forms as she works on a long poem about her wonderful father, who has late-stage dementia, and a collection about the life and sudden loss of her sister, the playwright and glorious human being Helen K Parker.

Her cormorants continue, as she has just begun to draft a poem titled ‘Helen As Cormorant’.

Elizabeth will be joined by fellow local poet, and author of Sax Burglar Blues, Robert Walton for an evening of poetry, conversation and cormorants. Tickets are £6, which includes a glass of wine or a soft drink and £2 off the book. Tickets available here.

Talking Books, Music and Life with Dave Haslam

Tue 21st of May 6-8pm

Dave Haslam is a former resident DJ at the Haçienda, and the author of several full-length and short format books. He’ll be discussing music, life, art, and more. Expect inspiration, ideas, and some exclusive stories!

Dave’s DJ-ing has taken him to the likes of Berlin, Lima, New York, and Paris. His memoir Sonic Youth Slept on My Floor (2018) was proclaimed Book of the Year by Gilles Peterson. His current project is a series of short format books; subjects have included Sylvia Plath, Keith Haring, and the Angry Brigade. In the words of broadcaster James O’Brien; “These are really lovely editions and beautifully written”.

The latest, entitled Strawberry and the Big Apple: Grace Jones in Stockport, 1980, is the eighth book in the series. Glamorous, jet-setting Grace Jones in post-industrial Stockport? Imagine!! A story that definitely needed researching, describing, and explaining.

Dave will joining us at bookhaus for what should be a fascinating discussion. Tickets cost £6 and include a glass of wine or a soft drink. Tickets available here

The art of writing comeback stories: Leanne Toshiko Simpson in conversation with James Bailey

Tuesday 28th of May 6 – 8pm

A hilariously offbeat and tender comedy about one bipolar woman’s messy search for love at a seaside wedding where no one can stay afloat.

Is she falling in love, or falling apart?

Dee, Misa, and Matt were the “three musketeers” of the psych ward. A year after discharge, Dee is eager to convince everyone that she’s finally turning things around. But Matt and Misa are tying the knot in Turks and Caicos, surrounded by guests who have no idea where they met, and the secrecy isn’t sitting well with Dee, who has been hopelessly in love with Matt since before she got kicked out of the hospital.

So, when Dee arrives at the swanky resort with her high-voltage sister, Tilley, it’s now or never to confess how she feels. But disrupting her best friends’ nuptials would jeopardize the entire support system that holds the trio together. When it comes to happily ever afters, how is a girl supposed to choose between love and recovery?

Leanne will be in conversation with Bristol author James Bailey, author of The Flip Side & The Way Back To You. Tickets cost £6, and include a glass of wine or a soft drink and £2 off the book. Tickets available here

A Brief History of Seven Killings with Marlon James

Wed 29th of May 6pm


‘Epic in every sense of the word’ New York Times

Jamaica, 1976. Seven gunmen storm Bob Marley’s house, machine guns blazing.

The reggae superstar survives.

The gunmen are never caught.

Marlon James’ dazzling novel reimagines an event that has become a modern myth. Spanning three decades, A Brief History of Seven Killings chronicles the lives of a host of unforgettable characters: slum kids, one-night stands, drug lords, girlfriends, gunmen, journalists and even the CIA.

Gripping and inventive, ambitious and mesmerising, this is a stunning new edition of one of the most acclaimed novels of the twenty-first century.

We are thrilled to be hosting this event with Marlon on his modern masterpiece. He will be in conversation with Moses McKenzie, author of An Olive Grove in Ends, and soon to publish Fast By the Horns. This event will take place at the Malcolm X Centre, 141 City Rd, St Paul’s, Bristol BS2 8YH. Tickets cost £6 and include £2 off the book. Tickets available here

In My Time of Dying launch with Sebastian Junger

Monday 3rd of June 6 – 8pm

A near-fatal health emergency leads to this powerful reflection on death—and what might follow—by the bestselling author of Tribe and The Perfect Storm.

For years as an award-winning war reporter, Sebastian Junger travelled to many front lines and frequently put his life at risk. And yet the closest he ever came to death was the summer of 2020 while spending a quiet afternoon at the New England home he shared with his wife and two young children. Crippled by abdominal pain, Junger was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Once there, he began slipping away. As blackness encroached, he was visited by his dead father, inviting Junger to join him. “It’s okay,” his father said. “There’s nothing to be scared of. I’ll take care of you.” That was the last thing Junger remembered until he came to the next day when he was told he had suffered a ruptured aneurysm that he should not have survived.

This experience spurred Junger—a confirmed atheist raised by his physicist father to respect the empirical—to undertake a scientific, philosophical, and deeply personal examination of mortality and what happens after we die. How do we begin to process the brutal fact that any of us might perish unexpectedly on what begins as an ordinary day? How do we grapple with phenomena that science may be unable to explain? And what happens to a person, emotionally and spiritually, when forced to reckon with such existential questions?

In My Time of Dying is part medical drama, part searing autobiography, and part rational inquiry into the ultimate unknowable mystery.

Sebastian will be in conversation with Dr Rachel Clarke (Dear Life). Tickets cost £6 and include a glass of wine or a soft drink and £2 off the book. Tickets available here

Mother Naked launch event with Glen James Brown

Tue 4th of June 6 – 8pm

The City of Durham, 1434. Out of a storm, an aging minstrel arrives at the cathedral to entertain the city’s most powerful men.

Mother Naked is his name, and the story he’s come to tell is the Legend of the Fell Wraith: the gruesome ‘walking ghost’ some say slaughtered the nearby village of Segerston forty years earlier.

But is this monster only a myth, born from the dim minds of toiling peasants? Or does the Wraith – and do the murders – have roots in real events suffered by those fated to a lifetime of labour? As Mother Naked weaves the strands of the mystery – of class, religion, art, and ale – it starts to seem as though the chilling truth might be closer to his privileged audience than they could ever imagine.

Glen James Brown was born and raised in County Durham. His first novel, Ironopolis, was shortlisted for the Orwell and Portico prizes. He will be in conversation here at bookhaus. Tickets cost £6 and include a glass of wine or soft drink and £2 off the book. Tickets available here

Experienced launch with Kate Young

Tue 11th of June 6 – 8pm

Bette loves Mei, but Bette and Mei are on a break, so Bette can catch-up on the decade of dating experiences she missed before she came out.

So Bette is (reluctantly) on a dating odyssey: a quest to have lots of casual sex with lots of hot women and come back to Mei more experienced and more certain about what she wants. And now she has new friend Ruth as her dating guide, she can’t possibly fail. It’s just three months, then she’ll be back with Mei.

It’s the perfect plan … isn’t it?

Join Kate Young here at bookhaus to discuss it. Her debut novel Experienced, is a queer romcom set in Bristol. Tickets cost £6 and include a glass of wine or a soft drink and £2 off the book. Tickets available here

Evenings and Weekends launch with Oisín McKenna

Wed 12th of June 6 – 8pm

Summer in London stops for no-one. Not the half-naked boozers, stoners, and cruisers, the hen parties glugging from bejewelled bottles, the drag queens puffing on hurried fags. It’s June 2019, and everyone has converged on the city’s parks, beer gardens and street corners to revel in the collective joys of being alive.

Everyone but Maggie. She’s 30, pregnant and broke. Faced with moving back to the town she fought to escape, she’s wondering if having a baby with boyfriend Ed will be the last spontaneous act of her life. Ed, meanwhile, is trying to run from his past with Maggie’s best friend Phil and harbouring secret dreams of his own.

Phil hates his office job and is living for the weekend, while falling for his housemate, Keith. But there’s a problem: Keith has a boyfriend and there might not be room for three people in the relationship. Then there’s Rosaleen, Phil’s mother, who’s tired of feeling like a side character in her own life. She’s just been diagnosed with cancer and is travelling to London to tell Phil, if she can ever get hold of him.

As Saturday night approaches, all their lives are set to change forever. It’s the hottest summer on record and the weekend is about to begin…

Oisín McKenna will be in conversation here at bookhaus with bookseller Joe Vaughan. Tickets cost £6 and include a glass of wine or soft drink and £2 off the book. Tickets available here

The Seers launch with Sulaiman Addonia

Tue 18th of June 6 – 8pm

This Independent Bookshop Week (15 – 22nd of June 2024) bookhaus is continuing our tradition of partnering with Independent publishers. Following our previous partnerships with Tilted Axis and Charco Press, this year we are partnering with Prototype :-

“Founded in 2019 by Jess Chandler, Prototype is a publisher of fiction, poetry, anthologies and interdisciplinary projects. With an emphasis on producing unique and beautiful books, we are committed to championing the work of new voices in free-form contemporary literature.”

As part of our celebrations we will be hosting a launch for The Seers by Sulaiman Addonia.

The Seers follows the first weeks of a homeless Eritrean refugee in London. Set around a foster home in Kilburn and in the squares of Bloomsbury, where its protagonist Hannah sleeps, the novel grapples with how agency is given to the sexual lives of refugees, presenting free-spirited, gender-fluid, trans and androgynous African immigrants, and insisting that the erotic and intimate side of life is as much a part of someone’s story as ‘land and nations’ are.

Hannah arrives in London with her mother’s diary, containing a disturbing sexual story taking place in Keren, Eritrea, where the Allies defeated the Italians in the Second World War. In a gripping, continuous paragraph, The Seers moves between the present day and the past to explore intergenerational histories and colonial trauma alongside the psychological and erotic lives of its characters as their identities are shaped, but refused to be suppressed, by the bureaucratic processes of the UK asylum system.

Sulaiman will be joining us here at bookhaus to discuss the book. Sulaiman Addonia’s UK tour has been made possible with funds from Flip Through Flanders. Tickets cost £6 and include a glass of wine or a soft drink. Tickets available here

Lucky Day launch with Beth Morrey

Wed 19th of June 6 – 8pm


After a morning that starts with a terrible migraine, an accidentally strong concoction of painkillers, and a bump on the head, Clover Hendry is not quite herself.

And as she walks out of work at 9.47am, for once Clover isn’t worrying about anything. She is taking some much-deserved me-time, and everyone else had better get out of her way.

As she crashes from once incident (a deliciously illicit swim) to the next (art theft), Clover is on a one-woman mission to do exactly as she pleases – consequences are for tomorrow!

It’s a day of joyful recklessness, but behind the chaos, a plan is afoot. Will her new-found freedom uncover long-buried secrets?

A euphoric, raging, galvanizing story about putting life on pause, pleasing yourself, and getting your own back – whatever it takes.

Beth Morrey will be here at bookhaus to discuss her Bristol set novel, in conversation with our bookseller Becky Ward. Tickets cost £6 and include a glass of wine or a soft drink. Tickets available here

Why Would Feminists Trust the Police? launch with Leah Cowan

Tuesday 25th of June 6 – 8pm

A tangled history of feminism’s complicity and resistance

Every week it seems there is a fresh scandal involving abhorrent, racist, misogynist behaviour by police officers. Yet these are the very people women are supposed to approach for help when faced with violence. And many feminists, hoping to use the criminal justice system to protect women, fight for stronger laws and longer sentences for those who harm them.

Why Would Feminists Trust the Police? traces the history of British feminism’s alliances and struggles with the law and its enforcers. Drawing on the legacy of Black British feminism, Leah Cowan reminds us of the vibrant and creative alternatives envisioned by those who have long known the truth: the police aren’t feminist, and the law does not keep women safe.

Leah will be in conversation here at bookhaus. Tickets cost £6 and include a glass of wine or a soft drink and £2 off the book. Tickets available here

Passiontide launch with Monique Roffey

Friday 5th of July 7 – 9pm

Early one morning, at the close of St Colibri’s carnival, a young female steel-pan player is found dead beneath a cannonball tree. It is a discovery that will transform the lives of everyone on this small island.

As the days pass, this shocking event draws together four women. There’s Sharleen, a journalist with an eye for the real story. Her childhood friend Tara, the pink-haired, straight-talking star of the activism scene. Gigi, the ‘notorious’ founder of the Port Isabella Sex Workers Collective. And Daisy, first lady of St Colibri, who is haunted by a disappearance in her own family decades ago.

In a community in which women’s voices are often silenced and violence against them is often overlooked, the group soon find themselves compelled to speak out – and to act. But even they could never have foreseen the consequences of their courage…

Monique Roffey will be joining us here at bookhaus to discuss her latest novel. Tickets cost £6 and include a glass of wine or soft drink and £2 off the book. Tickets available here