One Sunny Afternoon


For writer and human rights advocate Amanda Jette Knox, the inspiring story of her family’s journey of love and acceptance, when both her child and partner came out as transgender one after the other, was the hopeful beginning to their new lives. Their tale, shared in her memoir Love Lives Here and embraced by readers everywhere, quickly found its way to the top of bestseller lists. Yet in the spring of 2020, Jette Knox began to experience targeted attacks on social media, and she soon became the subject of a small but very vocal group that criticized her book’s success and her advocacy work. The intensity of the backlash grew and drove Jette Knox to contemplate suicide. But instead of taking her life, on one sunny afternoon, she went to the hospital to seek help. One Sunny Afternoon is a searing testament to Amanda Jette Knox’s extraordinary reckoning with her past and present, to find hope in her future. Triggered by the online harass

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