For the Love of Music


A prot̩g̩ of Leonard Bernstein Рhis colleague for 18 years Рand an eminent conductor who has toured and recorded all over the world, John Mauceri helps us to reap the joy and pleasures classical music has to offer. Briefly, we learn the way a musical tradition born in ancient Greece, embraced by Roman Empire, and subsequently nurtured by influences from across the globe gave shape to the classical music that came to be embraced by cultures from Japan to Bolivia. Then Mauceri examines the music itself, helping us understand what it is we hear when we listen to classical music: how, by a kind of sonic metaphor, it expresses the deepest recesses of human feeling and emotion; how each piece bears the traces of its history; how the concert experience Рa unique one each and every time Рallows us to discover music anew.

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