Antarctic Atlas


Remote, evocative and romantic, the frozen continent holds a unique place in the psyche of humanity. It is a world apart. Separated geographically from warmer lands by the cold and tumultuous waters of the Southern Ocean and separated in our mind by just as wide a chasm. Antarctica is different to other continents; it has never been permanently inhabited and has no native population. Many parts of the interior are still pristine; a rare quality on this ever more sanitised and urbanised planet, and although becoming rarer, there are still a few places where human feet have never trod, vistas that no eye has yet seen. Peter Fretwell’s pioneering maps reveal every knowable facet of this isolated land, from the life of an iceberg to the adventures of penguins and albatrosses, from drowning coasts to unimaginable blizzards, deep water conveyors and the realities of the not-so-distant future.

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