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Forthcoming Events

Our first event of 2022…

Rodrigo Nunes – Neither Vertical nor Horizontal: A Theory of Political Organisation – Wed 12th January, 6.30pm – Event ticket £5. A rare opportunity to hear Brazilian author Nunes.

A decade ago, a wave of mass mobilisations described as “horizontal” and “leaderless” swept the planet. Many saw its subsequent ebb as proof of the need to go back to what was once called “the question of organisation”. For something so often described as essential, however, political organisation remains a surprisingly under-theorised field.

Drawing from a wide array of sources and traditions that include cybernetics, poststructuralism, network theory and Marxism, Nunes develops a grammar that eschews easy oppositions between “verticalism” and “horizontalism”, centralisation and dispersion, and offers a fresh approach to enduring issues like spontaneity, leadership, democracy, strategy, populism, revolution, and the relationship between movements and parties.